Nate, I’m sorry you died. Bummer, you know? As a parting gift you get two questions before you go to heaven.

Cool, thanks god.

I’ll give you some time to thi—

I already know them: one, was I ever mentioned in a missed connection and two, was I ever in the same room as a gone wild girl? 

Did I say something wrong? Was I supposed to start it with your honor or something?

No, that’s fine I guess. I want this to be casual. Most people ask if they lead a honorable life. 


Nate, think big here. Eternal knowledge is at your disposal. 

Yahp. One, missed connection. Two, r slash g w. So…?

Nate, I really think you are spoiling a fantastic opportunity. Most people don’t even get one question. I just felt so bad in how you died. 

Sure it was embarrassing. But I’m dead so life stuff doesn’t bother me. 

Most people fret. 

Not me. Past is past man. 

You don’t have to tell me.

Hah. Right. God and all. 

I’ve been stalling for you, Nate. This is your only opportunity for a deal like this. 

Oh— is this the only time we get talk?

No, I’m around. Casual, remember?

Oh chill. 

Yeah, chill. 

Okay, but my 2 q’s…?

Fine— One, yes. Two, no. 

Fuck! For real?! I guess 50% ain’t bad. 

Nope. Not bad.

Woulda been chill if they were both yes and a GW girl wrote a MC about me. 

That’s asking for a lot.

God. A lot? Yeah right. A plague is a lot. Locusts is a lot. This seems reasonable. 

Cool, well. I know you said casual but I for sure feel I have over stepped my boundaries. 

Aaaaaand I don’t feel it’s getting better. So I am gonna jet?

See ya around. 


Probably not. 


I did the one second everyday video thing for a year! March 2013-2014.

It’s ~5 minutes which means I missed like 30 days here and there? It made me really present on which part of the day would be my best so I could record it. Some days it was a burden and frustrating because I forgot, but overall I loved doing it. If anything it built my courage to make sure I got a shot of something I was happy doing.

Not sure it is interesting to anyone but me— but I’ll let you be the judge of that (after you stop watching ~:20 seconds in.)

Hey mlb, I took 3 minutes and redesigned your iOS app to make it 300% better. Above is the current icon with two (obvious) ideas to replace.

JK, I hate design assholes that think they did people favors. I am not going to pretend to know your current objectives, brand goals, and download strategies. I am an ignorant outsider. But I do know that Apple does not like when people have type on icons. And having ‘.com’ in your title is always whack/cheesy/ugly. It’s 2014, we know you probably have a website. Heck, if we have the app there is a good chance we are subscribers (I am). So cut the .com, cut the MLB, and just have the icon American has seen for the last 40 years. We’ll know to tap it, I promise.

P.S. I know the middle icon doesn’t read on the home screen well. But I really like the abstract baseball illustration. I think there is something there, just would take some work to get it readable.

xoxo, A Concerned Fan

xoxo, Needling in New York

xoxo, Gigante Nate (GigNaté)